Vaginismus: How can Coaching help?
Vaginismus: How can Coaching help?

How Can Coaching Help?

Self-treatment is very beneficial for a condition like vaginismus for several reasons:

A woman can undergo treatment in the privacy of her home.
A woman can progress according to her own time schedule.
Treatment is accessible even to women in remote areas.
The treatment program is extremely affordable.
It is not necessary to travel for treatment.
Dilation treatment is highly effective.

I myself used the Completely Overcome Vaginismus program to conquer my 14 year battle with this condition and I personally recommend the self-treatment option.

However, with self-treatment comes certain pitfalls which can slow, curtail and even stop a woman’s progress toward full healing. Self-doubt, procrastination, avoidance and a lack of encouragement, support and accountability can all cause a woman to fall through the cracks and discontinue effective treatment. Vaginismus treatment is highly successful but it only works if a woman perseveres and sees treatment through to the end. This commitment to perseverance can seem a lot less lonely when someone knowledgeable about the condition walks beside you. As a coach, I will help keep hope alive until a woman completes her goal of fully overcoming vaginismus.

The brand of Consultative Coaching I offer comes from a woman who has ‘been there’. I’ve lived through the emotional, physical and spiritual pain specific to women with vaginismus and I have also realized the amazing joy of hope fulfilled when I finally overcame this condition. It is my belief that with the proper treatment and support every woman with vaginismus can fully overcome and live a life free of sexual pain.

My vaginismus coaching technique combines compassion, empathy and understanding with strong accountability and action steps to help a woman move forward into the intimate future she has always envisioned. Coaching can help to encourage and motivate but even more than that, coaching helps a woman to seek and find the courage she never knew she had. Once she finds it within her, she begins to own this courage allowing her to overcome not only vaginismus but possibly many other fears as well. It is my prayer that any woman coached through vaginismus will understand the true meaning of becoming “more than an overcomer”.

Consultative Coaching for women with vaginismus is not ‘pure coaching’ but it is definitely not counseling or therapy either. I have a strong knowledge of the condition of vaginismus from a physical, emotional and spiritual standpoint and will help a woman step by step through treatment by phone and email correspondence from any where in the world. This type of one-on-one phone coaching for women going through vaginismus treatment is unprecedented and unique to Freedom Steps Life Coaching.

I ask for a 3 month coaching commitment which most often is enough time to see a woman through treatment and into transition to intercourse. Depending on the woman, some treatment may take longer. Some women may decide to continue the Coaching partnership longer than the three months to move forward in other areas of life. My main goal will always be for a woman to eventually find the answers within her own heart to experience a permanent life change.

Vaginismus coaching should never be used to replace psychotherapy, counseling, physical therapy or medical treatments. Coaching assumes a woman is highly functional and emotionally and mentally competent. Vaginismus Consultative Coaching assumes a woman is also physically capable in every aspect to overcome vaginismus using the dilation method of self-treatment. If I feel a woman would be better served by talking with a therapist or counselor or by seeking help from a medical doctor, I will not hesitate to advise them to pursue such options.

It is highly possible to live a life free from sexual pain. I’m here to help.

I believe in you,

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